How do I contact Incense-Soul?

What are your working hours?

Our working hours are 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. If our agents are offline, please contact us directly at info@incense-soul.com or WhatsApp, and we will reach out as soon as possible.


Can I change my order?

  • You can change your order only in the case if you contact us straight away after ordering, via info@incense-soul.com. Sadly, we’re unable to modify your order once we’ve started processing it. If you need to order a different quantity or an additional product after the processing began, please place a new order online.

Can I cancel my order?

  • There is only a short amount of time between when you place your order and when we start processing it. If you contact us straight away after ordering, via info@incense-soul.com, we may be able to cancel your order before it’s processed. If not, we’ll despatch your order and then you can return it to us if you wish upon receiving it.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following credit cards: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. We only take payment once your order has been shipped. We also accept payment by PayPal. If you decide to use either of these methods, you’ll be taken to either the PayPal or Stripe checkout page. You’ll then be directed back to our merchant website once your transaction is complete.


Do you ship internationally?

  • Yes, we offer worldwide tracked shipping. For more information, visit our Shipping Policy.

Can I track my order?

  • Yes. We’ll provide updates at every stage of your order, from the moment you place it, through to despatch and delivery.
  • You can track your order after processing and receiving the shipping confirmation email with your tracking number.
  • Learn how to track your order on our TRACK ORDER page.
  • If you don't see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder or promotion folder. You can add info@incense-soul.com to your safe sender's list.

How long will it take to get my order?

  • It depends on where you are. We process orders within 1-2 days. Processing includes picking, packing, and delivery of the packed items to a shipping carrier. Processing time should be added to the total delivery time. For more information visit our Shipping Policy.

Do you offer EXPRESS shipping?

We offer Express shipping methods. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@incense-soul.com. To see Express Shipping Costs & estimated shipping times, view our shipping policy page.

How much is shipping?

Shipping costs depend on the item you’ve ordered and the country where it’s being delivered. Please refer to this delivery cost table to check the postage fees for different destination countries. If your order value is more than $75, we provide free shipping worldwide.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to most regions worldwide. You will see if we deliver to your geographical location at checkout.

What shipping carriers do you use?

  • We use all major carriers and local courier partners. You'll choose the delivery method at the checkout.

Lost / Stolen package? Delivered, but Not Delivered?

Incense Soul is not liable for any lost, or stolen packages since the order is marked as delivered by the shipping company or for any delay caused by the act or default of the shipping carrier. Incense Soul is only responsible for packages until they leave our warehouse facility. Once tracking is received, it is between the shipping company and the customer to ensure the goods arrive safely. As Incense Soul does not hold or accept responsibility for packages that have been reported as delivered by the carrier, we do not issue refunds or credits for packages that the carrier confirms as being delivered.

If you are experiencing a non-delivery or your tracking information states that your package was delivered by the carrier but you have not received it, the package is not in your mailbox, on the doorstep, in your office, or you have not found any notice in your mailbox where to pick it up, also you have waited 1 more day, and the parcel still didn’t show up, please contact your local post office. Make sure to call your Local Post Office and NOT the Hotline (this can take a lot of time, and they only tell you what the tracking already says). Ask them who (person) delivered the parcel, and ask them details about that day’s delivery. They are used to these types of questions, and can usually provide helpful information. If they won’t be able to answer your questions, you will need to file a claim with the carrier. Claims can take up to 30 days to complete (depending on the shipping carrier used).


Can I return my product?

  • We aim to provide the best quality products and services to make sure all our customers are satisfied, but if for some reason you do need to return your product, we're happy to help. You can return your item to us within 14 days after receiving it, as long as it's undamaged, unused, and contained in its original packaging with all tags and labels attached. We'll take you through the process. Just email us directly at returns@incense-soul.com. See our return policy.

My product arrived damaged, what should i do?

  • Our products are carefully and safely packed, so they don't often come broken or damaged, but of course, anything can happen. If such a situation occurs, no worries, we will gladly provide you with a replacement, free of charge. Please contact us within 48 hours of receiving your order at returns@incense-soul.com. All we need is a photo of the broken/damaged product sent to our email, and we will take you through the process.


How to use backflow incense burners?

You can read more about how to use backflow incense burners and backflow incense cones HERE.

Is it safe to use incense around pets?

  • It is safe if you care about safety. It's important to note that animals (dogs, cats, etc.) have a much better smell than people, and smoke can interfere with them. Their lungs are much smaller and more sensitive than ours. For this reason, we recommend opening windows and maintaining adequate ventilation whenever your furriend is in the room. Keep the incense situated where your pet doesn't have access and cannot knock it over or play with it. Make sure that your pet doesn't ingest the incense cones as they can be poisonous!

How do I make sure the smoke flows down as best it can?

  • Make sure that there is no draft in the room. (closed windows, off the air conditioner if possible, etc.) So long as there are minimal air movement and temperature changes while the incense burner is in use, you should see the beautiful cascading effect flow down the incense burner.

Do I need special incense cones for my backflow incense burner?

  • Yes. (Maybe you didn't know) - Backflow incense cones have a hollow chamber inside. Smoke enters through the open center tunnel, where it cools as it follows along the hollow. Cooler smoke is denser, and when it exits the incense cone at the bottom, it flows gently downwards.
  • We recommend, of course, our scented cones, but you can use any incense cones according to your liking, so long as they are backflow incense cones.

How long do your incense cones burn?

  • Incense cones in a standard size can burn for about 10 to 15 minutes (each) with no wind conditions. We also offer long-burning cones that can burn for up to 30 minutes (each) with no wind conditions.


Correct placement of the incense

  • We highly recommend you only burn the incense cones on the top of the incense burner. We recommend you do not use/place the incense burner in an unprotected place. We recommend placing/using the incense burner on top of a mat or pad to protect whatever is underneath it. Incorrectly placing the incense cones on the burner/holder may occur staining. We do not take responsibility for any damages caused by the incense cones, incense sticks, or incense burners.