Kollekció: Fragrance Oils

Fragrance oils are concentrated aromatic liquids used to add scent to various products such as candles, soaps, perfumes, and lotions. They are created by blending various natural and synthetic aromatic compounds to produce a specific fragrance.

Fragrance oils are versatile and can be added to a wide range of products to create a desired scent. They are often used in crafting and DIY projects to create personalized products. Fragrance oils come in various scents, from classic floral and spicy fragrances to unique and exotic blends. They allow individuals to customize their products with their preferred scents and are essential for creating luxurious and aromatic experiences.



  • 10ml Phatoil Fragrance Oils With Dropper

    10ml Fragrance Oils Enhance your self-care routine with Phatoil Fragrance Oils! This 10ml bottle packs a powerful punch, offering a delightful scent that can be used for...

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  • Phatoil Fruit Mix Fragrance Oils Set (10 pcs)

    Fruit Fragrance Oils Set This 10 pcs x 10ml fruit fragrance oils set includes Apple, Cherry, Mango, Coconut, Lemon, Passion Fruit, Watermelon, Sweet Orange, Lime, and...

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    Akciós ár $44.95 Normál ár
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  • 10ml Phatoil Fruit Fragrance Oil with Dropper

    10ml Fruit Fragrance Oils Elevate your space with Phatoil 10ml Fruit Fragrance Oils for Aroma Diffuser. Envelop yourself in a refreshing fruity aroma to create a serene...

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  • Phatoil 100ml Fruit Perfume Fragrance Oils for Aroma Diffuser With Droppers

    Fruity Fragrance Oil Experience the enchanting scent of fruits with the Phatoil 100ml Fruit Fragrance Oil Perfume for Aroma Diffuser. This fruity fragrance oil envelops your surroundings...

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  • Phatoil 100ml Fragrance Oils With Droppers And Roll-On Bottles

    100ml Fragrance Oils Introducing Phatoil 100ml Fragrance Oils, the perfect solution for all your fragrance needs. This incredible set offers a generous quantity of 100ml perfume...

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  • Phatoil 1000ml Perfume Oils for Fragrance With Droppers And Roll-On Bottles

    Perfume Oils for Fragrance Introducing Phatoil 1000ml Perfume Oils, the ultimate solution for all your fragrance needs. This premium set includes a generous quantity of 1000ml...

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