How to use backflow incense burner?

1. Make sure the space is windless for the best backflow effect.

2. Light the tip of the backflow incense cone, and allow the top of it to get glowing hot, blowing out the flame for several seconds.

3. Blow out the flame and allow the fragrance to release.

4. Finally, place the incense cone on top of the waterfall incense burner directly above the hole. It will take about 30 seconds for the backflow smoke effect to start.

5. Ventilate the space and wipe the burner after using it.

Reasons To Use Incense?

Incense burners and essential oils were used widely in many cultures and religions to deepen attention since ancient times. It heightens the senses and uplifts the Spirit when practicing meditation or yoga.

The burning of incense can act as a doorway to spirituality and spiritual awakening. Many indigenous cultures believe that burning incense sends their prayers directly up to Spirit.

The atmosphere is an essential aspect of thinking, feeling, and acting for an individual. Burning incense is a perfect way to set the atmosphere and your concentration. A specific scent of cones and sticks enhances abilities, improves mental performance, and stimulates ideas.

Whenever you are angry, restless, or out of your balance, burning incense can be a purification ritual, clearing out negative energy and calming down the emotions.


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