how to clean incense burner

How to clean ceramic incense burner?

Burning the incense with the ceramic incense burner is an aesthetic and holistic healing technique practiced for thousands of years. If you're a fan of incense burners, We are sure you own at least one ceramic incense burner. Don't you?

Today, we will find out how to clean a ceramic incense burner to make it look new. Let's find out!

What is a ceramic incense burner?

Ceramic is a durable material used to make jewelry, utensils, and incense burners. You can burn incense cones and sticks on a ceramic incense burner without damaging it as it is made on fire from wet clay treated under high-temperature fire.

How to clean ceramic incense burner?

A ceramic incense burner is usually used three-four times per week in an average home.

The wonder of the incense burner is stunning. When the incense cone is lit, the space around the burner is filled with white smoke flowing down, creating a mesmerizing effect and leaving the ash and grim after use.

It is a calming therapy that fills your meditation and imagination so cleaning the incense burner is necessary. We found out the helpful steps to clean your ceramic incense burner quickly.

What do you need to clean your ceramic incense burner?

  • Larger Bowl / Bucket

  • Cotton cleaning cloth

  • Soft bristle brush

  • Warm water

  • Dishwashing liquid / Nail polish remover

  • Tweezer

  • Sponge

What are the Steps to Clean your Ceramic Incense Burner?

  • Place your incense burner on a clean table.

  • Fill a bowl or bucket with warm water.

  • Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid.

  • Lather the liquid.

  • Now immerse the incense burner in the warm water.

  • After a few minutes, the ash will seep into the water.

  • Using the soft bristle brush, clean the burner thoroughly.

  • Now, use the cotton cleaning cloth or tweezers to remove the gunk.

  • If oily grime is on your burner, use a nail polish remover.

How to Clean Incense Residue?

You can use tweezers or wrung sponge to insert into the crevices of your ceramic incense burner. Use tweezers to poke it softly into the cavities to absorb the ash. Another little-known way to remove the residue from your ceramic incense burner is eucalyptus oil. You can also use a shower jet to cleanse stubborn gunk from your incense burner if any are stuck after cleaning by the above methods.

When should I clean my incense burner?

We recommend cleaning the incense burner once/twice a month. As it takes less than 10 minutes, you can clean your incense burner more often if you use it every day.

Five Incense Burners that are Super Easy to Clean

I know you've already wasted incessant time cleaning the incense burner that you have. But, if you're a real fan, the following list of five incense burners will capture your imagination. Moreover, they are super easy to clean besides being durable.

Click on the picture of the burner you like below to order the item directly.

Let's find the perfect incense burner for you to don't have to spend too much time cleaning it.


1. Pearl Guarding Dragon Backflow Incense Burner

A beautiful dragon incense burner carved to perfection. Made from 100% ceramic, it is designed to regulate the smoke and create an aesthetic appeal. This burner has its slot for keeping the incense on top of the dragon as its crown. In short, it looks stunning and works like a charm!

dragon incense burner

2. Cascade Waterfall Backflow Incense Burners

Our Cascade Waterfall Backflow Incense Burners are precisely 100% handmade, and you can choose from 5 different colors. The smoke streams down through the cascades to the bottom, just like a natural waterfall.

waterfall incense burners

3. Classy Lotus Leaf Waterfall Backflow Incense Burner

Traditional and elegant, this black ceramic lotus leaf backflow incense burner has multiple curves to direct the smoke beautifully. This backflow incense burner is designed in an artisanal lotus floral pattern that makes the backflow looks like a geisha’s gown.

lotus leaf backflow incense burner

4. SpaceKeeper Waterfall Incense Burner

This SpaceKeeper waterfall incense burner is offered in 2 colors. Ideal for halls and bedrooms, the soothing color and construction are durable. The craftsmanship of the burner makes it a standout addition to your showcase too. Easy to clean and scrub, these burners are a work of art.

spacekeeper waterfall incense burner

5. Tathagata Buddha Backflow Incense Burners

The Tathagata Buddha backflow incense burners are designed with perfection with dual incense settings of stick and cone. These backflow incense burners are a work of art because wherever you keep them, the white smoke from the incense backflow flows like a white gown wherever you keep them. It's easy to clean and has up to seven color options! You can choose from 4 colors.

buddha backflow incense burners