how to use incense cones

How to use incense cones? Why do people love them?

Millions of people use perfume-based compounds to make their rooms smell great, but it has been discovered that the constant and more prolonged or wrong use of these perfumes can cause irritation and sickness. But when you switch over to using incense, it gives your room a more natural fragrance without producing chemicals or any nuisance or allergies to the skin in the long run.

Have you heard of "incense cones"? Incense cone has a way of manifesting a fragrant scent when you burn it, and it also brings forth lots of smoke. But knowing the right way to burn an incense cone is essential. For this reason, we will discuss how we can use an incense cone and see why people love to use it.

how to use incense cones

Steps On How To Use Incense Cones

We have two suitable methods that we can use to get our incense cone prepared. Here we are going to discuss the most common methods:


Method 1 of 2: Using a heatproof container and sand:

Step 1:

Get a heatproof container that can withstand the incense cone because of the heat that the incense cone produces. It is like an a ceramic bowl or ashtray if you don't know a heatproof container.

After that, you need to spread a layer of sand up to 1cm (0.39 in) with a thick bottom that will enable it to distribute heat.

Just keep in mind that a suitable container is the one that can be able to hold the incense cone and should be heat resistant. It is also glad to know that incense usually comes with a metal disk that you can quickly turn on. It is important to remember that you do not place your container on anything flammable, for example, paper, lampshade, or curtain.

Step 2:

After getting the correct container, the next thing to do is to face the point of the cone upward, while the flat and wide part should be at the bottom. Next, set up the heatproof container and put your cone inside, making it stay in the middle of the container. If the container is filled up with sand, make sure to position the cone to avoid falling over evenly.

Step 3:

The incense cone tip will be lighted up using a candle or match stick. Before taking the lighter or matches away, ensure that the flame has come upon the cone. You do not need to allow the flame to appear for a very long time; leaving it for 5-10 seconds is enough.

Step 4:

Keep an eye on the color the tip of the incense cone produces because the right color should be orange, not a dark look. But if the tip of the come looks dark after taking the flame away, you can relight it until you get an orange glow out of the tip. Hence once the large flame has disappeared, an orange glow should continue to go out of the incense.

Step 5:

To make the flames entirely out, you have to fan the incense cone gently. You might wonder if it is necessary, well, absolutely, because the flames have to be replaced with a smoldering orange tip so that you can get a pleasant scent. You can either use a piece of paper or your hands to fan the incense cone gently.

Step 6:

You can have an excellent period with your incense for up to 20-30 minutes because it will continue to burn right from the top of the tip of the cone to the bottom. It takes 30 minutes for the incense cone to completely burn if you want the entire cone to burn out. Remember that, unlike other incense, the incense cone produces a lot of smoke.

burning incense cones


Method 2 of 2: Using backflow incense burner:

Step 1:

The best for burning the incense cone is the backflow incense burner, creating the waterfall cascading effect, which is pleasant to watch.

Step 2:

Hold the backflow incense cone in your hand or with the help of some tweezers. Light the pointed end of the cone with a match stick or a lighter. Ensure that the incense cone is wholly immersed in the flame until it starts burning in its tiny flame. Gently blow out the flame as you do with the birthday candles.

Step 3:

After completely blowing out the flame and the remnants, check the bottom of the cone. If you observe a glowing ember and a cloud of smoke coming out of the base, the incense cone is rightly burnt.

Step 4:

Wait for 10-15 seconds or so for the smoke to come out of the bottom of the incense cone. If you don't see any glowing ember or witness any smoke, you must have accidentally blown out the cone and may have to light the cone again.

Step 5:

Once righty lit, place the backflow cone in the backflow incense burner. Ensure that the bottom hole is rightly aligned with the seat hole of the incense burner. If not, the incense plume may get blocked, spoiling the experience completely.

Step 6:

Once completely lit, it is challenging to put off a backflow cone, and it cannot be used again later. The best way to put off a backflow cone is by immersing it in a cup of water. 

how do backflow incense burners work


  1. Try not to touch the incense cone while burning because you can otherwise hurt yourself.
  2. Children should be kept far away from incense cones while burning.


Why Do People Love Incense Cones?

The below reasons are why people love to burn incense cones. These are:

 • It helps to maintain focus. • It helps in meditation

 • Spiritual and traditional reasons

 • Brings forth peace

 • Eradicate bad odor



Incense cones have existed for a long time and are still helpful today. There are so many other methods people use incense cones, which have been discussed. Hence, know how to use your incense cone and get the best from your incense cones. The steps above are ways to successfully burn your incense cones in the right way.